Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holiday: Tidy up DAY 2

This room seems ok, doesn't it? It's our guest room, and the only thing you shouldn't mention are the boxes on top of the closet on the right, and the shelves with boxes behind the fleece blankets ;) Some of these boxes needs to be put on the attic, the ones on the shelves will just stay there, I guess. I will probably put some shelves on the left wall later, for I need more book space! On the left the yellow spread covers Martins old bed. There are two mattresses on top of it, one of them can be put on the floor so right now we have quite a comfortable guest room for two guests.

So, maybe you're thinking I've finished tidying up already, but that's not completely true. The computerroom is still a mess. Most things here need to be put on the attic, but we can't reach it so easily yet. So.... maybe I'll give it a try today, but I guess it's safer to do this with Martin together. Our attic can be reached through a small trapdoor in our bedroom. It's too small for a folding ladder. But, since last week we got a ladder which we intend to put on the attic, in a way we can let it slide down whenever we need to get up there. The only problem is the fact this ladder is about 30 cm too long, so it can't make the angle it needs to make, to get up the attic. So we need to shorten it before we can use it in the way we want to.

This story is really interesting, isn't it? I'm wondering who will read it *g*


  1. I'm ALWAYS reading your entries ;)
    Even if I cant't comment as much as I want to because of limited internet time...

    Ich hoffe, du hast nicht mehr ganz so viel Arbeit mittlerweile!
    Feier' schön Silvester und "Guten Rutsch"! *g*

    lg, lena

  2. Ach ja, auf dich kann ich mich verlassen ;)
    Viel Spaß morgen beim RHB!! (jaaa ich weiß!) Du Glückskind!

    Rutsch gut!!!!!!