Saturday, December 17, 2005

A lot a Pottah!

Potter Marathon Weekend! Yeaaaah!!! ;) We started yesterday, watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Well, "we" isn't exactly true, for I had to play volleybal so I missed only this part. But Martin watched it with his mom and his sister. This morning at 10am we were awake and ready to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. And at 1.30pm Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban was scheduled.


Martin and I had seen the movies before, but his mom and sister didn't. But luckely they liked it. We had dinner together in an Egyptian restaurant here in the city center, it's a restaurant we've been many times before. We choose the same food every time, but it's just good :) And after dinner we went to the cinema to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Good movie it was ;)

By the way, Dutch translations can be very funny. I've read the Potter books in English, and during the movies I hardly read the subtitles actually... but isn't it silly that in Dutch Cedric Diggory is called Carlo Kannewasser? I mean: why translate/change the names so radicaly?? In Dutch Hermione Granger is called Hermelien Griffel, but that sounds quite alike. Question to my German readers: You've got all movies dubbed into German, but at least you've got the same names, haven't you? Or are the names changed into something German as well?

Going to sleep now, dreaming of "Alohamora" and "Expecto Patronus" and so on. Hopefully I won't get scary nightmares cause dark and difficult times lie ahead.... ;)


  1. Answer from one of your German readers: No, there aren't any names changed into German - fortunately! ;)

    Hehe, your Potter weekend sounds like fun!
    I really should watch all the films again, too - it's to long time ago and I can't remember anything...

    So long... I hope there aren't any nightmares about scary creatures (or hotels in Cologne *g*) for Corine!

    Love, lena

  2. aaah, ok thanks. Stupid Dutch people with those stupid Dutch names!

    I didn't have dreams about HP, but I _did_ dream about Köln, I only don't remember exactly what I dreamt about... It was about January, 29. of course, but I just don't remember it anymore..