Thursday, March 23, 2006

Shalalala, shalalala, shalalala

Sometimes it's really frustrating when you are an a cappella addict. Sometimes I fear my friends and family are suffering from my addiction:
  • I already couldn't make it to one of Martins concerts (with the choir he is singing in) because I was going to a Rock4 concert.
  • I sometimes notice I try to change the subject of a conversation in such a way we'll end up talking about a cappella music. Please people, tell me if I'm irritating...
  • And today I even decided not to meet my friends next Saturday, as I planned to do, but I'll go to a Voice Male concert instead. (And then meet my friends afterwards)
Yes, that's correct: I'm going to Voice Male next Saturday!!!!! :D :D And...... *roll of drums* in the afternoon join an a cappella workshop!! That is so cool!! I'm really looking forward to it, but I'm a little nervous at the same time.... I haven't got a clue what kind of people there will be and part of the workshop will be about beatboxing.... I really can't do that. But... we'll see what happens.

As always, there is a detailed report coming up next week. I don't know when I've got time to write it, but I'll stay up late if I have to.

And girls (if you're reading this): I'll be there about 23:45 :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

To google and to being googled

Amazing what you can find with Google. I've typed my name (first name + surname) in Google quite often, and then you'll find me, but you'll also find my aunt, she's got exactly the same name.
But today I tried >>"wise guys" corine<<. The results are really funny. The Allerletzte Website comes first, then Nini's Forum and her Guestbook, lena's blog and Sarah's blog. Really cool. I only see you won't find my website... mmm...
My site can be found with search engines, but it doesn't happen very often. And when it happens, it's often because of the list of old Montezuma singers. Does anybody know how I can change this? I'm rebuilding my website now anyway....

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Girls vs. Boys

My sister Gonneke was here this weekend. On Saturday we went shopping and in the evening we went to the city center to play pool. Remco was also coming with us, so we could play in two teams. Girls vs. Boys. We had a lot of fun and made too many pictures and silly movies.

When boys lose:

When girls win:

By the way, I shouldn't be telling you this, but mmm... i'm silly anyway: We only won this game because they shot the black ball in the pocket....

When I miss the ball (click to enlarge the picture):

Quotes to remember - originals in dutch: (sorry, insiders...)
- >DUH< Geef hier... (>DUH< Give it to me...)
- Ligt je hoofd daar nog? (Is your head still lying there?)
- Totally tutting.
Gon, als je nog meer quotes weet, dan moet je ze wel ff opschrijven hoor! ;)

We also watched the movie Dragonfly, which is really beautifull. And we need a strict diet now. Too much chocolate, poffertjes, icecream and more chocolate >.<

To be repeated? Definitely.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How are you feeling today?

  • Frustrated. I blame our car.

  • Happy. I love the internet. I finally found the right table settings for my new website. Which means I've finally managed to write a new table structure (and with that made a start of my new layout).

  • Proud. Because I did it all by myself.

  • Frustrated. More yeah. Because it only works in Firefox. And not in Internet Explorer.... IE sucks.

  • Sad. Because 23.5. is a Tuesday. And Rotterdam is on the other side of the Netherlands, 185 km away.
And for the Dutch people: let's try to make the show at the Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam on May 23rd a real happening. The Oude Luxor is a very nice theatre in the heart of Rotterdam and it would be so nice if we can make it a full house! We have something in stall for you to connect it with our new show, but plans for that have to be worked out yet. But you HAVE to be there..... (from:

Monday, March 13, 2006

Please cross your fingers for me..... :/

Our car is having a problem. It doesn't want to start every now and then. It started showing this bad temper about 10 days ago.... So we brought the car to the garage last Saturday. There was probably some dust somewhere on/in the *don't know the english word for this* shoke. Well, so they cleaned it and I thought it was over. This morning I got to work without problems. But going back wasn't that easy. For some reason this car is only showing this problem when I'm going back home. It never showed the problem here in our street, when I wanted to go somewhere. Weird, isn't it? As if it doesn't want to go home with me, but stay at work instead. The opposite of this would make more sense, of course. I wouldn't mind if it shows the problem early in the morning. "Sorry girls (I don't have male collegues ;)), I can't make it to get to work, I'll try again later today, you'll have to spend the day without me. You'll manage, don't you?". Well, no, that's not my way of behaviour, of course ;) ;)
So today, the car didn't want to start, and only after several attempts it started, broke down, started again, broke down again, started again and running really weird, but eventually it kept running. And I got home *pfff...*
Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm too dependent on this car... I don't need it on Thursday, so I'll bring the car to the garage on Wednesday after work. Which means it has to function for another two days. And please, let it start without problems.... It's very frustrating when it doesn't want to start. I'm really scared I'll end up somewhere with a car that really doesn't want to go.... :/

Friday, March 10, 2006

Celebrate good times, come on!

YEAH!! We did it!!! Wir haben es geschafft! Nou en of! :D We won the game with 3-1 tonight. FINALLY! The one set we lost, had a 23-25 final score, so we almost had that one as well.
Next wednesday I want exactly the same training as last wednesday! It was worth the sweat and grazed elbows ;)
I'm really happy. I had a great night, and I don't feel sorry for being here in Hengelo, while at the same time -right now- my brother and sister are seeing a Rock4 Queenconcert in Eindhoven. But I don't mind. JUHU!! (ok, just a bit... i wanna be with them!)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We're going down.........

Pfffffffff... Can anybody tell me why we had such a hard and tough volleyball training tonight? Do you think it could have something to do with the fact we lost the previous eight games? First we were in 4th place, now we're in 6th place...

Last Saturday I had to leave the game early, because Martin and I had to go to Münster. When I left, we were ahead with 2-1. But we lost the game with 3-2..... They just can´t do it without me! ;) ;) ;)

But even though today's training was really tiring, I feel great :D :D I love it! Please, let us have a training like this every week!!! It might be helpful as well.

To be continued next Friday, when we have to play a game again. We WILL winn! We WANT to WIN!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Oooo no.... I had a haircut yesterday. But the hairdresser cut my hair too short!! I really don't like it *grr* :/ I wanted it just a little bit shorter, but not this short *sigh*. And I was thinking "well, let's have a haircut, because my hair is really getting too long and next Saturday Martin and I are going out (Zuma in Münster!!) and I want my hair to be pretty then". And now it's too short!
The only advantage: In four weeks, when we are going to another Wise Guys concert, it will hopefully have grown just perfectly long enough to be stunning beautiful *G* :D