Sunday, March 19, 2006

Girls vs. Boys

My sister Gonneke was here this weekend. On Saturday we went shopping and in the evening we went to the city center to play pool. Remco was also coming with us, so we could play in two teams. Girls vs. Boys. We had a lot of fun and made too many pictures and silly movies.

When boys lose:

When girls win:

By the way, I shouldn't be telling you this, but mmm... i'm silly anyway: We only won this game because they shot the black ball in the pocket....

When I miss the ball (click to enlarge the picture):

Quotes to remember - originals in dutch: (sorry, insiders...)
- >DUH< Geef hier... (>DUH< Give it to me...)
- Ligt je hoofd daar nog? (Is your head still lying there?)
- Totally tutting.
Gon, als je nog meer quotes weet, dan moet je ze wel ff opschrijven hoor! ;)

We also watched the movie Dragonfly, which is really beautifull. And we need a strict diet now. Too much chocolate, poffertjes, icecream and more chocolate >.<

To be repeated? Definitely.


  1. Anonymous20/3/06 11:38

    That sound like a wonderful evening. I have seen Dragonfly, too. That film really is beautiful, I think I should see it again.

    Yeah, and some pool would be nice, too. When I was about 17 or 18 years old, I was pretty good. But unfortunately I'm not any more so I loose most games. So what, it's always fun.


  2. Anonymous20/3/06 15:05


    "Martin, mag ik ook op de foto?"

    Kiss, Gon

  3. oh jaaa... sorry Gon, vergeten ;)

    @Nina: losing or winning... As long as you can laugh together and have fun *g*