Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How are you feeling today?

  • Frustrated. I blame our car.

  • Happy. I love the internet. I finally found the right table settings for my new website. Which means I've finally managed to write a new table structure (and with that made a start of my new layout).

  • Proud. Because I did it all by myself.

  • Frustrated. More yeah. Because it only works in Firefox. And not in Internet Explorer.... IE sucks.

  • Sad. Because 23.5. is a Tuesday. And Rotterdam is on the other side of the Netherlands, 185 km away.
And for the Dutch people: let's try to make the show at the Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam on May 23rd a real happening. The Oude Luxor is a very nice theatre in the heart of Rotterdam and it would be so nice if we can make it a full house! We have something in stall for you to connect it with our new show, but plans for that have to be worked out yet. But you HAVE to be there..... (from: www.montezuma.nl.)


  1. Update:

    - I've found the bug, so my new website is functional in IE now as well.

    - Our car is still at the garage. They want to keep it for another night and day, just to make sure he's cured fully before he goes home. So tomorrow I'll borrow my "mother-in-law's" car to get to work.


    Nervous/excited: because I might be doing something really cool next week... just don't know if I'm gonna make it to get there...

    to be continued....

  2. Anonymous17/3/06 10:51

    Hi Corine.

    I cross my fingers for your next week activity and for your car.



  3. Anonymous17/3/06 15:56

    Ui, what's going on next week? *curious*
    Und ich hoffe, dein Auto ist wieder gesund?


  4. I don't have time to get to the garage today *busy* So we'll get there tomorrow morning. I'm going to pick up my sis now, from the trainstation. She's staying for the weekend :D *juhu*
    Have to play a game tonight, we're going to lose it anyway (our opponent is in first place....) but I hope the game will be satisfying anyway.

    The thing next week.... let's say there's a 25% chance I can get there. Depending on two things.. so.... mm... but it could be so cool *dreaming*

    gotta go now.

  5. The car is back. We'll see if the problem has been fixed... i don't know...

    No news is good news :)