Sunday, March 29, 2009


It's still too cold and wet to sit in our garden, but already there are beautiful flowers. And considering the concert free weekend I had to find something else to photograph...

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sechs (!) Wise Guys melden sich zu Wort

Das ist mal ganz außergewöhnlich: Sechs Wise Guys melden sich innerhalb eines bestimmten Zeitraum zu Wort auf ihrer persönlichen Gästebuchseite und so tauchen sechs Bilder gleichzeitig nebeneinander auf. Dieses Bild wird es wahrscheinlich nie wieder geben - deswegen sollte es mal in meinem Blog 'verewigt' werden *g*.

Sehr interessant dabei ist natürlich Clemens' Eintrag, in dem er erzählt wie das Leben als nicht-Wise-Guy ihm gefällt.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Addition to the family

Today Piet moved in. Piet is the aged cat of my mother-in-law. Since my mother-in-law moved to an apartment last year, it was always the plan that Piet would come and live with us one day, because she doesn't have enough room for a cat. This is Piet:

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Seeing iNtrmzzo live is one big pleasure, being able to make great pics is another big pleasure! My weekend can't be better! :D

More pictures can be found on my Facebook-page (hint: join it!).

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a little update

So what's new? Not much actually. We still have to find and buy chairs. We still have to stain the banisters. And we still have to connect the DVD-player to the TV, which is most important *cough*, because there are three (!) very nice a cappella DVD's coming up this year and I want to have them all and be able to watch them ;)
New is, that I found out how to take a shower without leaking water! The doors of our shower cabin are a bit weird, but I finally discovered how to close them properly! Very useful indeed.
I'm busy at work, because I have to catch up for the time I took off in January and I'm also doing a course about first aid and stuff. Today I learned how to revive somebody and next week I'm going to put out a fire. Also very useful.
Our free time is mostly filled with a cappella music, in many ways. Kin' de Lele is playing over and over again in the CD player and when I don't hear it I practice the "wa p t ba da da t ba ba chi ki ba tsao" from the Real Group (Chili con carne). I have to learn some songs by heart, because there are two concerts coming up with my choir with new repertoire. Besides this, I somehow planned to visit six concerts within four weeks (which is too much, but so much fun), I wrote one review and have to write another one this weekend.
In the mean time I've read 'The Kite Runner', which is a book I could hardly put down. A moving, but beautiful story! New reading tips are very welcome!
And now it's time for the weekend... in which we will also fill in the tax papers. Wish us luck!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Wasserflaschen auf der Bühne sind doof

Und Gläser mit Wasser auch. Das müssen die Jungs von theGlue wohl gedacht haben als sie ihre neue Outfits inklusiv Wasserrücksacke ausgesucht haben. Aber, ich muss sagen, es sieht geil aus. Und vielleicht ist es auch nur praktisch, während des Singen schnell ein Schluck Wasser trinken zu können.

Wie theGlue live bei diesen Bildern klingt, weiß ich leider nicht. Aber auf das neue Album Kin' de Lele finde ich hauptsächlich tolle Songs mit überraschenden Rhythmen, originellen Arrangements und geile vocal percussion. Und es gibt auch mal wieder ein paar sehr eigenartige Texten dabei.

Ich hätte gerne eine Reise nach Basel inkl. Konzertticket zum Geburtstag.
Mist... mein Geburtstag dauert noch viel zu lange...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New report at

Due to moving houses I didn't find time to report about concerts we visited in the past few months. But now I've found time to write a story about the fantastic concert of Vocaldente in Marienthal! Ok, I have to admit, the report is a little longer than I'd planned... Check it out at