Saturday, June 23, 2007

Welcome to the summer

Weekend!! :) Nothing special on the agenda, we're at home and can enjoy 2 free days. I love it. Last week I got scared I might get bored, so I volunteered to summarize the 70 or 80 e-mails with reactions and evaluationforms from our festival. Pretty nice job, because we are given a lot of compliments and the criticism and suggestions are all correct and as expected. Next Monday we'll evaluate the whole gang and then we'll see how the third edition next year is going to be organised.
Boyz Nite Out-CD is playing, tea, cookies and fresh pineapple *yumm* within arm's reach, no stressed feeling because there's nothing else this weekend that needs to be done (except for some housekeeping...) - what else do I want? (Fly to München by chopper right now!)
Ok, break's over. 17 more e-mails to go :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Open Days Airforce

Yesterday we visited Airbase Volkel to watch several flight shows and airplanes. It was really great! A little visual impression:

13 F16's flying in formation:

The Turkish Stars (NF-5):

Patrouille de France (Alphajet):

Unfortunately the Patrouille de France had to stop their show because of an upcoming thunderstorm:

And after the many, many decibels we exposed our ears to, we visited an a cappella festival today. I'll write my report tomorrow. Any wrong observations are due to my current damaged sense of hearing ;)

Friday, June 15, 2007


Weil Chorlive online meinen Bericht veröffentlicht hat!

Die einzige Frage die es jetzt noch gibt ist eine ganz große Frage, weil Rob nächstes Jahr nicht mitorganisiert und wir jetzt ein neues, großes Organisationstalent brauchen.... :/

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Amusing Hengelo - The day after...

Friday evening and night the final preparations - 3,5 hours of sleep - alarm clock set at 6am - hanging signs to the parking at the main roads to Hengelo - final preperations from Theater-Headquarters - only 8 organisers - from 9.30 the first choirs check in - two hours after that, more than 100 choirs have checked in and the first performances have started - 40 people with helping hands - 20 different stages - a piano is missing HELP - Martin receives phonecalls without a pause - some micro's are missing HELP - we are irritated because of the stage builder, next year we'll hire another company! - "Our conductor is ill, we can't perform without him" - filling up last minute gaps in the programm - everything ends up well - we are bombed with questions at the info desk - where is the toilet? - people are singing everywhere - almost 50 performances within 1 hour - do you have a programm for me? - the sun is shining - 3300 singers - street cafés are full - so many enthusiastic people - where is the place our choir can change clothes? - people are dancing - so many different genres - where is this choir coming from? - jaws are dropping - it's so much fun to sing! - the Sing Along at the end of the day is a great succes as well - singing along with the Shantychoirs - swinging with the gospel choirs - rocking with the coolest popchoir from the Netherlands - jazzing with the Big Band - and then... - it's over already - talking and exchanging stories till deep in the night - not being able to stand on your legs (it wasn't the alcohol - you know me, right?) - falling asleep immediately - June 3. - hey, the world continues after June 2.!

Write it down:
June 7. 2008
The THIRD Vocal Festival Amusing Hengelo!

A tiny impression of the festival can be found here
(tiny impression, but big file)