Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Amusing Hengelo - The day after...

Friday evening and night the final preparations - 3,5 hours of sleep - alarm clock set at 6am - hanging signs to the parking at the main roads to Hengelo - final preperations from Theater-Headquarters - only 8 organisers - from 9.30 the first choirs check in - two hours after that, more than 100 choirs have checked in and the first performances have started - 40 people with helping hands - 20 different stages - a piano is missing HELP - Martin receives phonecalls without a pause - some micro's are missing HELP - we are irritated because of the stage builder, next year we'll hire another company! - "Our conductor is ill, we can't perform without him" - filling up last minute gaps in the programm - everything ends up well - we are bombed with questions at the info desk - where is the toilet? - people are singing everywhere - almost 50 performances within 1 hour - do you have a programm for me? - the sun is shining - 3300 singers - street cafés are full - so many enthusiastic people - where is the place our choir can change clothes? - people are dancing - so many different genres - where is this choir coming from? - jaws are dropping - it's so much fun to sing! - the Sing Along at the end of the day is a great succes as well - singing along with the Shantychoirs - swinging with the gospel choirs - rocking with the coolest popchoir from the Netherlands - jazzing with the Big Band - and then... - it's over already - talking and exchanging stories till deep in the night - not being able to stand on your legs (it wasn't the alcohol - you know me, right?) - falling asleep immediately - June 3. - hey, the world continues after June 2.!

Write it down:
June 7. 2008
The THIRD Vocal Festival Amusing Hengelo!

A tiny impression of the festival can be found here
(tiny impression, but big file)

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