Thursday, May 31, 2007

Counting down to V-Day

It's almost time, the vocal invasion of Hengelo is only less than 36 hours away. More than 100 choirs are coming to town! I still can't believe it! In the coming 36 hours there are a lot of little things to be done and we have to-do-lists lying around everywhere ;) Tonight we crisscrossed Hengelo by car to check the main approaching roads to the city because of our "sign-assignment" and we discovered a traffic diversion! Luckily it's not that bad and with only one little adaptation we can avoid people from getting lost, but at first sight it did scare us for a moment. On Saturday morning we'll place the signs before most people even wake up. We're going to have a long day... :)
Lots of other things are to be done tomorrow as well. I'm glad my weekend has already started. But let's get some sleep first. I hope I'll get a little more sleep than last night. For some reason I have been dreaming about cars and parkingplaces and signs and about a panicking chor because there was no audience. Weird... I usually never remember my dreams. I also dreamed about diving, but unfortunately there were jellyfish all over the place and one of them woke me up real suddenly. Then, I couldn't sleep anymore, but it was only 3am! My mind was spinning and I couldn't make it stop thinking about the festival. I'm going crazy! Hahahaha. Oh, I'm looking forward to it so much!!


  1. Anonymous2/6/07 08:38

    Hallo Süße!
    Ich drück' dir ganz fest die Daumen, dass euer Wochenende ein voller Erfolg wird. Dabei bin ich mir aber eigentlich schon sicher ;-) - ihr macht das schon!
    Dein Text ist übrigens wirklich gut! Ich hab ihn gelesen, aber (mal wieder) nicht die Zeit gefunden, deine Mail zu beantworten :-/
    Liebe Grüße vom Redaktions-Wochenenddienst,

  2. Hi!
    Das WE war richtig, richtig, richtig geil. Jetzt bin ich aber (immer noch) so tierisch müde, dass ich noch nicht mal weiß wie ich diesen Satz beenden soll.
    Also, später mehr.
    *knuddel* wer auch immer das hier liest... *gähn* *schonwiederumfall*