Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy messy busy me :)

A small reminder for myself. Who else cares? ;)
Things to do tomorrow:
- Select, edit and upload pictures from Montezuma in Bonn to and to
- Upload my report to
- Water the plants
- Tidy up the house (or maybe later?....)
- Buy hay for McDull
- Print a route description to Bamberg
- Reply my emails
- Make hot chocolate (this may seem weird, but it's really important, because I need a picture of hot chocolate)
- Make a picture of hot chocolate
- Drink cold chocolate
- Stay just as happy as today and yesterday and the day before :D

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The first wedding pictures

The pictures of the wedding itself are made by a professional photographer and we haven't seen them yet. That will take a while. But our driver made some pictures during the photoshooting and Remco made many pictures during the party in the evening. Click the picture below to see a selection of them.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

From the ABC

"W"? ;)

My friends made us an ABC-movie, which was very funny. And why Montezuma's Revenge is put under "W" ???...... complicated story.
And they probably didn't know Martin made the picture... hahahaha

Does somebody need a translation?

Thanks :)

We only need to get rid of some balloons...... ;)
We decided not to wake the neighbours at 02.30 this night hahaha.

What a great party yesterday! There'll be pictures online later this week, I guess. And if I can, I'll put a short movie online in a few weeks as well... but I can't promise that.

It's the 15th of October! Really weird; the world doesn't stop after the 14th! haha. There are plenty of things to look forward to right now. Things I haven't been thinking about yet, because everything was about the wedding during the past few weeks.

More about the wedding later.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ich will auch!

Ein bisschen weiter nördlich bitte! Die Schweiz ist so weit weg!! Aber Neumünster ist dann doch ein bisschen zu weit nördlich.... *seufz*
Naja, auf jeden Fall ein schönes Artikel (hier zu lesen). Die Jungs muss ich echt mal wieder sehen...

Und was habe ich gestern entdeckt: Am 3.11 macht LaLeLu ein Konzert in Gronau! Das ist fast bei mir um die Ecke! Aber hingehen kann ich nicht *grrrrrr*

Naja, singen wir halt eine Runde *tsjeng*tsjeng* und pfeifen fröhlich in die Gegend herum weil das Wetter so schön ist und weil ich trotz oben genannte "verdammt-ich-kann-nicht-hingehen" verdammt glücklich bin :)
So. Und das war ein langer Satz. (Ich kanns auch lena!)

Und jetzt ins Bett. Sonst schreibe ich nur noch dummes Zeug weil ich mich langweile.

Me and my pretty shoes - III

The solution?:

More than 5 euro's.... expectations are high.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vla - the neverending story

My story about German people and vla. Will it never end?


- Wise Guys in Münster, March 2005: Dän brings vla for the winner of the quiz. Ferenc is the lucky one. This concert is the reason of the following events:

- Wise Guys Tanzbrunnen concert, May 2005: Martin and I bring vla for some people we know from the Wise Guys forum. Our vlaparty on the banks of the Rhein is still making us smile.

- Wise Guys forum meeting, KusS, July 2005: I bring 4 liters of vla and everybody loves me.

- Wise Guys in Wesel, December 2005: Dän brings me a signed DVD from Bodo Wartke and I give him vla. His reaction: "GEIL!!!" and he looks like a 10-year old having a birthday party.

And ever since, I can't get rid of the topic 'vla'. Right now, there even is a Grüße an alle Vla Liefhaber in the Wise Guys Forum.

And today I discoverd a website which is -for me- too funny. ProVla, a German fansite for vla hahahahahahahaha. This website is a little older, but the fact that it exists hahaha. Ok, I'm curious what will come up next.
At least, I have to make a vla delivery in Bamberg this november.
@lena: Wie viele Tetrapacken möchtest du haben?

I'm wondering if I should bring some liters for the Wise Guys as well? Would they prefer vla after the show in stead of their Kölsch? ;)

To be continued....

Monday, October 09, 2006

Me and my pretty shoes - II

I wrote "Part 1", so there should be a part 2 as well. And I've got to hurry, because there's not much time left.

I'm happy because we came up with the idea I can easily wear my old, durty but nice and most important comfortable sporting shoes under the wedding dress during the foto shooting. You won't see my shoes anyway, so why bother wearing those beautiful but uncomfortable shoes? So that means I only have to wear them from 1400 until late in the evening, instead of from 1100 until late in the evening. Three hours of feet relief. How beautiful ;)

I do practise almost daily, but my left foot seems to be a little bigger and aaaaarg, well, who cares.

How do you feel? That's a question I'm being asked a lot lately. So here's my answer: I feel great. Just great. And I feel so much in love :) I'm not nervous (yet?), I'm looking forward to the wedding so much. I'm curious what it'll feel like, to be in the spotlights all day. Well... we'll see. Just wait. Be patient.. haha

Friday, October 06, 2006

Is there a better way to start your weekend?

Imagine a long, hard day at work. You go home, tired, but really happy because it's weekend! And you are going to have a great weekend, you already know ;)
But then, your weekend gets even better! When you get home, you find an envelop on your doormat with a familiair handwriting. You recognise it as Nico Jacobs' (Rock4) handwriting and what do you do? You can't believe what you see. He's never been this quick! You only ordered this cd last Tuesday!
But things like this happen :D
He must have known it's my birtyday tomorrow ;)
And Martin is happy as well, because he didn't have a birthday present yet, and now he does. He happy + me happy = we happy!

Btw: The album is just great! I really love their music. Order it here! -->"A Night at the Opera"