Monday, October 09, 2006

Me and my pretty shoes - II

I wrote "Part 1", so there should be a part 2 as well. And I've got to hurry, because there's not much time left.

I'm happy because we came up with the idea I can easily wear my old, durty but nice and most important comfortable sporting shoes under the wedding dress during the foto shooting. You won't see my shoes anyway, so why bother wearing those beautiful but uncomfortable shoes? So that means I only have to wear them from 1400 until late in the evening, instead of from 1100 until late in the evening. Three hours of feet relief. How beautiful ;)

I do practise almost daily, but my left foot seems to be a little bigger and aaaaarg, well, who cares.

How do you feel? That's a question I'm being asked a lot lately. So here's my answer: I feel great. Just great. And I feel so much in love :) I'm not nervous (yet?), I'm looking forward to the wedding so much. I'm curious what it'll feel like, to be in the spotlights all day. Well... we'll see. Just wait. Be patient.. haha

1 comment:

  1. I love the way you seem to be so obviously lucky! :)

    And good luck for your pretty shoes!
    ...says the one who made a fast decision to weeks ago and kicked hers away for dancing. ;-)