Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy messy busy me :)

A small reminder for myself. Who else cares? ;)
Things to do tomorrow:
- Select, edit and upload pictures from Montezuma in Bonn to and to
- Upload my report to
- Water the plants
- Tidy up the house (or maybe later?....)
- Buy hay for McDull
- Print a route description to Bamberg
- Reply my emails
- Make hot chocolate (this may seem weird, but it's really important, because I need a picture of hot chocolate)
- Make a picture of hot chocolate
- Drink cold chocolate
- Stay just as happy as today and yesterday and the day before :D


  1. Me! Didn't you know I always care? ;-) this case exspecially about the Bamberg point.
    And what's about hot chocolate?? Thrilling... *g*

  2. Haha, I knew you'd say that hahaha.
    Can't tell you the point about hot chocolate _here_....

  3. Hmmm... didn't finish my list yesterday...

  4. Anonymous1/11/06 20:38

    Hi Corine!
    Some things look really familiar. Other things less ;)
    Good luck!