Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I don't want a lot for Christmas....

[sing]Do you hear the sleigh bells ring? Santa is coming to town! A very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Snow is falling, all around me. Children playing, having fun. We are the world, we are the children!

*lalalala* tralalaliiiii [/sing]

Coming in the mood already? I am! YEAH!!! :D


Ok, and now honestly? Here it comes:
Oh my God... I'm hearing Christmas songs! *run and hide!* It's only August d*mn!! AAAARRG!!

But well,
Since we are going to join the worlds biggest vocal pop choir this november... and the postman brought us the practising cd's today...
But why did they chose the theme "Christmas"? I'm not really happy with it actually. But, there's nothing I can change about it. By the way, Martin and I are joining together with some people from Martins choir. But, we are in different voice groups of course. So I guess we won't see each other all day long haha.
Some months ago: "Let's go together, it'll be so much fun!" "Yeah, let's do that" Hmmm....
There'll be about 2000 people that day...
After 25.11: "It was so much fun, wasn't it?" "Yeah, but I didn't see you around, were you really there?" "Let's go together again next year!" "Yeah, let's do that, I really like to do things together with you!" ;)

Hahahahaha. You know the worst thing? One of the songs is "Winter Wonderland". Our reaction when we hear that song can be described like this: We scream and turn of the song as quickly as possible. The reason for this reaction? In 2002 (?) we visited the Vocal Group Festival in Tilburg, and "Winter Wonderland" was the compulsory song during the contest. So we heard this song about 10, 15 times that day, all with the same arrangement. And ever since, we can't hear the song anymore. Now we have to sing it ourselves... omg....

But, don't worry. We are going to have so much fun :D
[sing]....and so this is Christmas aaaaaah aaaaah aaaaah aaaaaaah *ALL TOGETHER NOW!* we hope you have fun | the near and the dear ones | the old and the young [/sing]

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Live from Fanzone Headquarters

Jaaaaaa..... a quick snapshot into the room where it's all happening. But I've blurred the most interesting thing: the new Montezuma Fanzone website on the laptop screen ;) Have to keep it secret for a little longer.
Sometimes I'm wondering if we have too many computer (screens)? But we really need them, they all have their own purposes hahaha.

Ok, back to work!
By the way: We're hearing Basta. Enough Montezuma things in my head these days already ;)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Henry IV in the forest

Yesterday it was time for our traditional trip to Diever, in the north of the Netherlands. I first came there when I was 9 years old, and it was the place where (later) Martin and I got together as well. We visit this village every year now, because of the Shakespeare theater plays in the open air theater. It's the complete atmosphere in this theater which is so nice. Ever since I first visited a Shakespeare play in this theater, I love Shakespeare. This year, they're celebrating their 60th birthday, and because of that, they perform 2 plays this summer: Henry IV part 1 and part 2. Yesterday, both plays were performed. Part 1 in the afternoon and part 2 in the evening. They're both one of the few historical plays Shakespeare wrote. And therefor, we didn't expect these plays to be so much fun. But we have laughed a lot yesterday. Well, and now I want to show you some pictures :)

Lunch on the campsite, before we went to the theater.

This year, they made a lot of efforts with the stage because of the anniversary. Inspired by the Globetheater in London.

The seats in this theater are really nice - if you bring your own cushions. But luckely, most people know about it. By the way, this causes a really funny effect when you're walking from the village towards the theater (which is just outside the village, in the middle of the forest). Everybody is carrying cushions and bags with drinks and food. It's like we're all going to have a huge picknick.

Even if you've brought your own cushions, after two plays in one day (equals 6 hours sitting), your can't feel your ass anymore. But we don't care, because we loved it! Especially in the evening, when it's getting dark, the theater is so beautiful and the stage is lighted so beautiful.

More pictures of the play itself can be found here

And, as always, I am already wondering what play they will play next year. Will it be The Comedy of Errors? Or Much Ado About Nothing? Or maybe even Romeo and Juliet?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gedanken loswerden - part 2

Ok, but this time in English ;)
I'm sitting here, busy as always ever since we came back from Malta. But I'm getting used to it. I'm glad my list of things I have to do is shrinking. But it won't take long before volleybal is starting, and new a cappella concerts are about to be visited as well within a few weeks. So time is shrinking as well. Our marriage needs some final planning and organising and that's why I'm sitting here; I'm out of inspiration and I thought I could just do some "Gedanken loswerden". I need a few creative thoughts, right now please. This afternoon we really have to finish the exact lay-out of our wedding invitations.
Speaking of them, I am really curious what people will think of the cards *hehe*. They're not the usual 'rings-with-a-rose-' or 'champagne-glass-kinda-card'. Actually, attentive people might even notice (a) small link(s) to a cappella on the card *hehe*. Well, I shouldn't say too much. Let me do some more brainstorming and I'll get back to you.. later..

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A star for one day

For those of you who were in Utrecht yesterday: You were lucky! Because I was there as well! Thanks to my friends you could easily spot me between the shopping crowd. With bright, almost luminous orange stars on my black clothes I was walking around, ready to give you my signature. Strangely enough nobody asked me for a signature - I think they were all too amazed by my appearance ;) But, I brought my fanclub and they didn't leave my side for a minute. During the round trip through the canals I waved at all my fans, they were gazing at me from the many bridges we passed. Some even had the courage to wave back at me and smiled at me.

The lack of silly pictures of me has probably been solved within one day. The only 'problem' is: I don't have the pictures, because a star is always being photographed - it would be silly to make pictures of myself, wouldn't it? But maybe one of my fans will be so nice to send me a picture to put here in my blog.

Conclusion: Having a bachelor party organised for you is really nice, but I'm glad it only happens once in a lifetime.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sorry, sorry

Ok, I realise it's not completely fair to put silly pictures of Martin online. I'll make things up and put some old pictures of me online as well. The only problem is, in contrary to Martin I don't have many silly pictures of myself.
But, I'll give it a try:

Sweeeeet! (4 years old)

Terrible glasses!! omg.. and the haircut! haha (11 years old)

Look who I'm going to marry :D

I'm doing some scanning tonight.... and I found some pictures from Martin, all from 1999. I just couldn't help myself, I had to scan them and put them here :P

My sister and I did his hair: (which was quite long here, and there was still quite a lot of it)

This looks real, but it is not:

This is what you do when you're in a tent while it's raining and you are bored:

And this is what you do when you're in a tent when it isn't raining but you are still bored: (for Dutch people: This is Martins Kabouter Plop imitatie)

Don't forget, this was in 1999. He grew up, did he?
I'm so much looking forward to our wedding pictures hihi ;P

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gedanken loswerden

Vor einer Woche waren wir noch auf Malta. Unglaublich wie schnell die Zeit vergeht. Es scheint mir als wären wir nie da. Wenn ich die über 1000 Bilder anschaue kann ich kaum glauben das wir wirklich da waren! Es sieht alles so traumhaft und schön aus. War's natürlich auch.
Mittlerweile liegt hier auf dem Tisch ein Notizblock mit 101 Sachen die wir/ich noch tun müssen. Aber letzte Woche war nicht erfolglos. Deswegen war ich auch selten online in icq. An erster Stelle: Wir haben ein neues Auto gekauft. Nächste Donnerstag sagen wir tschüß an unser altes rotes Ferrari. Aber wir haben ein neues rotes Ferrari ;) Jaaaa, wieder ein Daihatsu Cuore, rot. Ganz neu ist er nicht, aber er ist erst fünf Jahre alt und nicht schon 14.
Und jetzt sitzte ich hier, versuche ein zweiter Entwurf zusammen zu basteln für die neue Fanseite der Zumas während ich ab und zu ein kleines Wort ändere in die Texte für unsere Hochzeitsanzeige. Heute Mittag gehts nämlich zum Drucker. Zwischendurch schaue ich immer wieder auf meine 101-Sachen-Liste und hoffe das ich das alles erledigen kann in meine jetzt noch 5 Tage dauerende Urlaub. Und das schlimmste ist: Jede 15 Minuten kommt auf meine Liste eine neue Zeile dabei und so bleibt meine 101-Sachen-Liste eine 101-Sachen-Liste. Sie schrumpft nicht, wächst aber auch nicht weil ich mich mit alle Sachen beschäftige.
Deshalb ist es jetzt Schluß mit schreiben hier. Photoshop ist dran *bastel*

@Deutschlehrerin: Wenn du Zeit und Lust hast... ;) hdl

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pictures of Malta

I've tried to make a selection of our many many pictures from Malta. We've uploaded them to a google web album and you can watch all the pictures HERE.

I've only added some very quick and short comments with the pictures because I don't know if there are people interested in longer stories. But I'll be happy to answer any questions about the pictures, so if you want to know more about the why/what/where, don't hesistate to ask me.

Just being hacked

Ok, we're home again and real life is grasping us and pulling us back to earth. The server which stores our websites has been hacked last night. Really nice..... *grmbl* Just take a look at our websites on or the website. All the index pages have been replaced with the message "by Th3h4ck3r 0wnz y0u s3rv3r n0 v4r"

Nice, isn't it? Stupid teasing action from an idiot. Well, I don't have time for it now, we are going to find a new(er) car *sigh* because our Ferrari unfortunately needs replacement.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back home

Hi!!!! We're back home from Malta. A holiday different than any other we had this far, but we had an unbelievable great time there, and I'll probably post more about it later.

Just a quick message here to thank you for your mails and messages. I'll reply to you within a few days probably. Let us first tidy up and try to get used to the Dutch way of life again...

It's so damn cold here hmmmm....

We made more than 1000 pictures (oops). Just one for now: