Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just being hacked

Ok, we're home again and real life is grasping us and pulling us back to earth. The server which stores our websites has been hacked last night. Really nice..... *grmbl* Just take a look at our websites on or the website. All the index pages have been replaced with the message "by Th3h4ck3r 0wnz y0u s3rv3r n0 v4r"

Nice, isn't it? Stupid teasing action from an idiot. Well, I don't have time for it now, we are going to find a new(er) car *sigh* because our Ferrari unfortunately needs replacement.


  1. Updates:

    - Our websites are offline completely now.....

    - Tomorrow we'll have a "test-drive" in our probably new car :)

    - In the mean time we are designing/choosing the invitation cards for our wedding

    - And I'll try to upload some pictures of our Malta holiday tonight.

    Busy us ;)

  2. Update:

    - Websites are back online :D