Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gedanken loswerden - part 2

Ok, but this time in English ;)
I'm sitting here, busy as always ever since we came back from Malta. But I'm getting used to it. I'm glad my list of things I have to do is shrinking. But it won't take long before volleybal is starting, and new a cappella concerts are about to be visited as well within a few weeks. So time is shrinking as well. Our marriage needs some final planning and organising and that's why I'm sitting here; I'm out of inspiration and I thought I could just do some "Gedanken loswerden". I need a few creative thoughts, right now please. This afternoon we really have to finish the exact lay-out of our wedding invitations.
Speaking of them, I am really curious what people will think of the cards *hehe*. They're not the usual 'rings-with-a-rose-' or 'champagne-glass-kinda-card'. Actually, attentive people might even notice (a) small link(s) to a cappella on the card *hehe*. Well, I shouldn't say too much. Let me do some more brainstorming and I'll get back to you.. later..

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