Saturday, October 27, 2007

Time's flying II

All right, let's write something. I've been busy in the past two weeks, but somehow it seems like I still haven't finished anything. I'm still working on my website, it still needs a major update, but I just can't find time to work on it. The LaLeLu-report is finished though. I'm still working on several translations for the festival "Amusing Hengelo" website, but it's progressing (too) slowly. In the meantime, I need to work of course, and in the evenings there's always something to be done, whether it's volleybal or festival business or theater visits. The weekends are full of activities as well. But, I'm not complaining :)
Only the funeral yesterday should not have been there... emotionally it was a hard day for all of us, but it's the way life goes. We were both so tired. Is it stupid we went to the movies yesterday evening to relax and set our minds of things? It felt a bit weird, but we laughed a lot (Rush Hour 3, we love Jackie Chan haha).
This morning I went to the theater in Apeldoorn for a big backstage tour :P In four weeks, I'll be one of the "stage managers" during a big festival there. I'm looking forward to it so much! Maybe I should find out how to clone myself, because during the festival I would love to be on three different stages at the same time... I'll be with the small a cappella groups all day, but I would love to see many other groups as well. Guess I'm going to miss them... Why did I get myself talked into this? I wanted to visit the festival as a visitor this time hahaha. No, it's great to help there and the small a cappella groups will be great.
When I got home I spent some time writing e-mails to choirs in Germany, to advertise for our own "Amusing Hengelo" festival. I hope they'll respond quickly.
Oops, almost half past four already. I need to leave again. My volleybal team is waiting for me.
*sending a hug into the world*

Time's flying

What? 27th of October already?? It feels like the month's just started, but on the contrary...
Just a quick note right now: I'm fine.
I'll write a little more later today or tomorrow. I've got to go now, let's get an a cappella mood today in the Orpheus theater :) Bye!

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's website-editing-day

It's always fun when collegues ask me how my day off was. For some reason my free time is always filled with things and activities concerning websites and music.

This morning I started working on the Amusing Hengelo Festival page. We didn't find ourselves a professional translater yet (with other words: a native German), so I decided to start the German section of the website myself. In the meantime, we keep searching, and if we find someone, he or she is welcome to correct and edit my texts. But we just need the pages in perfect German if we want to achieve our goal, which is to have a lot more choirs from Germany on our festival in 2008. So I translated the news items for a start. Maybe I'll have time to start translating the FAQ later today.

This afternoon I edited the Montezuma Fanzone website. Because the group will stop performing after 2007 some texts needed to be edited. I'm still feeling sad about the group quiting... but all good things will end someday.

Now I can choose: There are two concert reports waiting for me to be finished writing. That's - for those who lost view - for my personal a cappella website, which also needs a complete make-over if you ask me (just protecting myself from getting bored...)
I can also start translating the Amusing Hengelo FAQ.
I could also shut down the computer and read a book. Or do some housekeeping for a change.

I feel a little bit like Anette Dewitz, who writes on her website: "Anette, was machst du eigentlich so? - Zur Zeit filme ich viele Konzerte. - Na, so lange der Haushalt klappt!" But in my situation I would say: "Corine, was machst du eigentlich so? - Zur Zeit schreibe ich viele Texte und bearbeite ich viele Seiten. - Na, so lange der Haushalt klappt!"

16.13: Ich glaube, auch in Köln ist es Website-editing-day haha. Tolle neue Infos gibt es bei den Wise Guys!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Thank you

Thank you all for the birthday wishes on e-mail, in forums/blogs or by sending me text messages!! :D

For all of you who missed the cake today, and for all of you who want to know how old/young I am:

My little nephew Stephan was here today and he fell in love with our guinea pig. He just couldn't get his eyes off McDull.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ich bin eine Rockhouse Sister!

>>> Mehr hier <<<

Übrigens, obwohl meine RHB-Geschichte noch ganz übersichtlich ist, habe ich das Gefühl die Jungs schon viel öfter erlebt zu haben. Woran das wohl liegt? Wahrscheinlich sind die vielen Bilder und Geschichten im Internet Schuld.
Ich freu mich schon aufs nächste Konzert! Wann auch immer...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Amusing on YouTube!

This summer, after Martin joined them, the quartet Amusing became a quintet. Here are the first recordings of Amusing as a quintet:

From left to right: Joop, Rob, Martin and Niek. Lead: Ger.