Sunday, August 13, 2006

A star for one day

For those of you who were in Utrecht yesterday: You were lucky! Because I was there as well! Thanks to my friends you could easily spot me between the shopping crowd. With bright, almost luminous orange stars on my black clothes I was walking around, ready to give you my signature. Strangely enough nobody asked me for a signature - I think they were all too amazed by my appearance ;) But, I brought my fanclub and they didn't leave my side for a minute. During the round trip through the canals I waved at all my fans, they were gazing at me from the many bridges we passed. Some even had the courage to wave back at me and smiled at me.

The lack of silly pictures of me has probably been solved within one day. The only 'problem' is: I don't have the pictures, because a star is always being photographed - it would be silly to make pictures of myself, wouldn't it? But maybe one of my fans will be so nice to send me a picture to put here in my blog.

Conclusion: Having a bachelor party organised for you is really nice, but I'm glad it only happens once in a lifetime.


  1. Anonymous13/8/06 23:02

    Das hätte ich ja zu gerne gesehen! :D

    *knuddel* und Gute Nacht!

    ...waiting for any pictures ;-)

  2. Blöderweise haben meine Fans sich noch nicht gemeld mit Bilder..... :(
    Schade... (oder vll besser für mich? hihi)