Monday, April 17, 2006

Kick the habit?

My latest Wise Guys concert is already more than 10 days ago. And my next a cappella concert is not even close. I'm kicking the habit... and planning for next year ;)
The new Rock4 tourlist is online, and I'm also planning Montezuma concerts. There are also already two Wise Guys concerts planned for the second half of 2006. Nice, isn't it?
But, my thoughts are mostly with the 27th of May... I really really really would love to go to Köln that day to visit the Wise Guys open air concert in Tanzbrunnen. But.... I don't know if I can go. By train is too expensive. I have to go by car, so I can't go there alone. So, dear dear readers: Who wants to come with us? Martin wants to join me, but he only wants to go, if there are some other Dutch people coming along - he doesn't want to speak German all day ;)
Last years Tanzbrunnen was so great. You can read all about it on my website. So... who's coming?

Tour details:
Departure Hengelo 10.00
Arrival Köln 13:00 (we need to be this early to gather good places)
Concert starts at 18:00
Departure Köln 21:30?
Arrival Hengelo 00.30
Concert tickets are about 21 euros.

Reassurance: a) I know how to get there, b) Between 13:00 and 18:00 there's enough to discuss, chat and laugh, c) If we are early we can sit dry if it rains, and d) it's May so it will probably be dry and warm.

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