Saturday, April 05, 2008

Helping hands

As I told you before, a lot of people around us are moving / about to move. Martin and I are splitting up today. Martin is laying a laminate flooring in his mothers new apartment and I'm going to paint some walls in Remco's new home this afternoon.
Concerning our own search for a house: Martin and I found another house which we want to visit next week, but to be honest I'd rather not buy a house yet. The coming two months are really busy, because of the upcoming festival and I don't see how moving should fit in. It would be perfect to buy a house in June or July or later this year.... but what happens if we find the house of our dreams now? *worry*
Have a nice weekend!! :)
PS: I'd like to thank Dennis and Linlin, for moving without needing our help. When's the house warming party with traditional Chinese food!?? ;)


  1. Anonymous5/4/08 16:28

    Don't worry about having to move too soon... It is very usual to have a salesterm of at least a few months, not weeks. So don't hesitate if you find the house of your dreams!!! :-D

    See you on tuesday!


  2. Linlin said it'll be done when the time is right :)

  3. Anita: Tuesday!!! YEAH!!! :D And I know I shouldn't worry...

    Twobombs: Time's right for us ;) Looking forward to it!

  4. Anonymous5/4/08 22:59

    And if you ever need a wallpainting for a babyroom, just let me know!! ;-D

  5. Anonymous6/4/08 17:43

    if you`ll need someone who has no problems painting a whole room pink tell me :D. I did in in aken and if somebody allows me to I`ll do it again. Even if I`ll have a headache afterwards ;).

    So feel free *g*


  6. Pink? No thank you :)
    Yesterday, I did apple-green and chocolate-brown.