Friday, September 19, 2008

When will it stop?

Last week we saw three (!) different houses. Number 8 was very interesting, but we won't take it, because we saw number 10 which is probably even better! Number 9 was a clear no.

The search for a house continues and I'm wondering when it will stop. Maybe really soon. Maybe not. I've learned not to be too happy too soon, because visiting a house a second time can change your mind quite easily. You notice different things. Visiting so many houses does have an advantage. You learn what your preferences exactly are and how important they are. Some things we found very important in the beginning are less important now. Other preferences we found out throughout the search.

10 blue dots - 10 houses

We tend to stay in the east part of Hengelo, don't we?

I still hope to be able to send you all Christmas cards, not only to wish you nice holidays, but also to notify you of our new address. Please keep crossing your fingers for us? We'll visit number 10 a second time tomorrow!

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