Friday, March 19, 2010


I still don't know the word 'boring'. The past week has been a good example of that. I decided I could write about it in this blog, which I hope to revive the coming time. With so many different things I do during the week, there should be enough to write about, right?
So here's an overview of last week:
Saturday Dutch Festival for Vocal Ensembles. I spent the complete day in Almelo, heard/saw many groups and filmed the performances of VPS KeK and Drienerlalala. Also loved Pur Sang, the Groove Factory, Dutchmen, Fem@il. Unfortunately I couldn't hear Hifive, who won the festival.
Sunday Started editing (cutting) video material (VPS KeK) and visited a concert of Amusing in the afternoon, which was fun. Filmed their performance as well. At night I can't sleep, my head is full of music. I decide I could make a teaser video for VPS KeK. Suddenly my mind is clear and I know exactly how I want it to be. After that I fall asleep.
Monday My day off from work. Thrilled about this review. Spent most of the day behind the computer, making a teaser video for VPS KeK. Making the video was pretty simple and I finished it a lot sooner than I expected. To read the comments on Facebook was a lot of fun and I kept checking their brand new Facebook page and saw the amount of fans grow. In between I cleaned the bathroom.... housekeeping..... *sigh*.

Tuesday Looong day at work. I started at 8.30. First I wrote an evaluation report for one of 'my' kids, then I installed the printer, that's been waiting to be installed for over a year, on the kids computer, and installed some plugins (finally we can watch YouTube on the old thing!) and watched this video with them. The rest of the afternoon I worked with the kids as usual. I had dinner at work, because I had to do a presentation in the evening and traveling home and back again takes too much time. I was pretty nervous for the presentation, which I shouldn't have been because all went well. Got home at 22.30, tired but satisfied.
Wednesday Another day at work. In the morning there was a social skills training with the kids. In the afternoon an evaluation with my trainee and her teacher from school. In the evening I was more than tired and did nothing but checking mail, facebook and cutting some videos (Drienerlalala).
Thursday Partyday. Followed workshops djembe and salsa with my colleagues. Despite the enormous cost reduction my organization is facing there's money to pay this.... Loved the workshops though ;) Normally Thursday night is choir rehearsal night, but it got canceled because of our director being ill. So instead I redesigned the website for VPS KeK. Always nice to do some designing with Photoshop.
Friday A very normal day at work which ended with frustration because the computer system we use is so damn stupid!! After a year, I still can't use it without facing problems. The interface is the most customer unfriendly I've ever seen.

And now? Friday night... I'm waiting to get hungry. Then, I'll do some cooking and  tonight will probably be filled with more webdesign, or video editing, or maybe we'll watch a movie in our home cinema (we haven't even done that yet this week!). Or I'll write another blog post, about music, computers, websites, something like that. Sometimes I wonder whether or not I chose the right profession. On the other hand, when my job would be filled with music, computers, video editing, webdesign, my life would get boring, wouldn't it? Working with my kids gives me the perfect variation I like.

Let's see if my honey is getting hungry. He's upstairs right now. Cutting video material ;-) And I can hear him singing.
*sigh. I love my life*
Maybe he'll even cook today?

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