Sunday, September 25, 2005

Fluffy greetings

Last week Salman sent me some new pictures from Fluf.
Fluf was celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong and had some mooncakes. Oh, I want to eat mooncakes with Gloria as well!! One of my dreams is a holiday to Hong Kong, but it's terribly expensive and I really don't know when I'll be able to go. Anyway, thanks for the pics Salman!

@Salman/Gloria: 我想要慶祝中間秋天節日與您!!
is that correct?


  1. Anonymous27/9/05 06:50

    Bluf is sweet~ haa~
    Heel Goooooooed Weather, moooi~*

  2. Anonymous27/9/05 06:53

    Gloria: English-correction-Time: hehe~
    It should be:
    ik ook~! > u <*

  3. Woaa, thank you so much! I want to see a picture of Bluf!!!! You're making me curious haha.

    The chinese is really too hard!
    I keep saying:

    neih hou ma? Ngo hou hou aaaa~~
    ngo oi neih...