Sunday, April 27, 2008


What a beautiful day! Warm and sunny, it felt like summer! Together with my sister-in-law Nadine, we went out to hunt some caches around Gronau in Germany. It was great to be there and discover nice places to walk. Today, we also met Nadine's new guinea pig. I love her new pet, because it's just so ugly and weird. Judge for yourself.

Her name is Swiffer, because you could mop the floor with her. Of course, we would never do that, but it is possible! ;)


  1. Anonymous27/4/08 20:21

    Hihi, so 'nen Swiffer hätte ich heute bei meinem Frühjahrsputz gut brauchen können! ;)

    (Noch) sonnige Grüße und *knuddel* aus Hamburg,

  2. What would you expect; its a guinea pig for cryin' out loud of course its genetically engineered ! This one looks like a crossbreed of a bison with a mop. Nice mod, nadine ! We like :)