Monday, January 26, 2009


...and the internet is up and running again!! :D (the phone isn't yet, for those who are wondering why they still can't reach us.)
We've been busy the past few days, but the big, huge, enormous mess has changed into a normal mess and I'm sure it will be tidy one day. I don't understand how all our stuff fitted in our old house.
I'll post some pictures soon, for now I just wanted to say: We're doing great and we feel so much at home!


  1. Anonymous29/1/09 22:07

    Jeeeeeeej! Ben erg benieuwd

  2. Anonymous30/1/09 07:26

    Wow, congratulations! Welcome to the house owners club ;-)

    Love and best wishes from Stade,
    Nini, Torben, and Birla