Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our house - part 12

I'm feeling a bit sick since Saturday and it's not getting better. There's an influenza epidemic in the Netherlands, maybe this time it will get me too? I hope not, there's too much work to do! The past couple of days I was free from work and I've been busy cleaning, packing and moving small things.

Things are really going on well, but I wish I could have done it without the headache, sneezing and sniffing... *sigh*. And tomorrow I need to work again... *bigsigh*

These are some of our books, now temporarily stored in a closet in the attic of our new house:
I have to tell you that the pile of books in this particular closet has grown even more... I think we've got too many books. But as it fitted in our old house, it will easily fit in the new one.

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