Friday, April 02, 2010

A neverending addiction?

I'm browsing the internet to find the best place to buy some a cappella cd's. I was hoping to find one online shop where I could find all the cd's that are on my wish list. Not that I would buy them all at once (I don't want to hurt my bank account too much all of a sudden), but just to know that I could buy them all at once (and by knowing, maybe I would buy them all anyway). But that shop doesn't exists, I guess. The European shops don't sell the American albums and vise-versa. And another 'problem' turns up: While searching, I discover more and more cd's I'd like to buy...
Maybe I should just start buying music on iTunes - it's probably a lot easier. But actually I prefer to hold a physical cd in my hands...
Anyone got tips? Advice? Group therapy?

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  1. Anonymous3/4/10 08:55

    Probeer ebay eens. Marc vind daar ook veel leuke cd's van over de hele wereld.