Tuesday, April 13, 2010

(A) Time to kill?

I'm in a James Bond mood, sorry. I was just practicing a medley for my choir with James Bond themes - that's all - and I thought it was about time to write something in my blog. I almost never have time to kill, but if you are bored I guarantee the following will fill at least the next hour, if not the next two hours. Let's say it's a small a cappella sub road I'm taking here. Maybe you've heard of the following artists, maybe not. Let's start with Corey Vidal, which I first only knew because of his interpretation of Moosebutters Star Wars Medley. If you like it, you should check his other videos on Youtube. If you like interactive videos and want to know about his disgusting but hilarious blender adventure, you should start here. Talking about Moosebutter, you might also like Mr. Tim. If you're into computers, you should check out his Hacker's Holiday! If you want to hear about a more serious subject you should listen to Professor Bernhard Steinerhoffs lecture about rhythms of life (and you might want to check Beardymans Youtube channel afterwards). Last but not least, if you're not bored, but actually really in a hurry, you could listen to the 30-Second Original A Cappella Festival. Oops, we're completely back to a cappella now... sorry. Well, considering that fact, I could also add the note that the weekly podcast Mouth Off is really worth listening, as long as you can handle two Americans with a slightly irritating way of talking (probably "typically" American, as we should say?) as hosts. Have fun :)

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