Friday, September 29, 2006

Message from the busy me

I'm sorry, the English translation of the report of Montezuma's concert from last Sunday will have to wait a little longer. I'll try to write it this weekend, but I'm not sure if I can find enough time. Also, some people wrote me an email and are probably waiting for an answer, I'll write you as soon as possible. At the moment there are more important things to be done ;)
You all understand, right? :D

But, I can tell you I am feeling really, really good and happy. Life is just great!

Oh, and one more thing I want to share with you: This month, there are so many people visiting my website. Ok, it's nothing compared to big websites, but nevertheless still impressing to me. The amount of unique visitors and the number of visits has doubled this month! Why? I don't know. But I like it :D It's a pity a day only has got 24 hours. I've got so many ideas for my website: Things to write, things to add. I need time, you need patience. It'll come in time :)

Time to go to bed. Still got to catch up some sleep.
Love ya all!

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  1. Anonymous2/10/06 17:20

    Ich hab gehört, "dass die Holländer auf Tulpen, Tomaten und Wohnwagen nicht mehr so humorvoll reagieren..." (Zitat von Six Pack, die die A-Cappella-Nacht organisieren)

    Ich geh dann mal los und bin schon sehr gespannt, wie "die Holländer" mir gefallen. Und PopArt muss ich dann kaufen, ja? Okay. :)

    Ich wünsche dir auch noch einen schönen Abend, wusel nicht zu viel und lass es dir gut gehen!
    *ganz feste knuddel*