Sunday, January 21, 2007


Yesterday we went to the movies, because we both needed something fun to do. I'd been spending my day doing nothing special, and Martin was also doing all kind of unimportant things. It was one of those 'don't feel like doing anything'-days. So, we decided to go to the movies. We could choose between "Apocalypto" and "Déja vu". Both action movies, but eventually we decided to see Apocalypto, because we thought Déja vu would be another of those ordinary action movies, and Apocalypto seemed different. And we were proven right.

If you want to see one of the headhunters being attacked and eaten by a jaguar (really nice, to hear his skull crack), or if you want to see how an indian is being sacfrificed by the Mayas (they rip his heart out while he's still alive and then they decapitate him), you should really see this movie.

But, apart from those two scenes where I closed my eyes for a second or two, I liked the movie. Although I never knew an injured man could run through the jungle for two days without pausing. The long hunt is really spectacular, and it gets even more exciting when Jaguar Paw is realising he can't flee forever, but has to kill his hunters.

The movie is spoken in the native language of the Mayas, which gives it a very special atmosphere. I'm wondering if the German are dubbing this movie as well?? Maybe someone can tell me?

More information: IMDB - Apocalypto.
Trailers - I haven't seen them all, but #2 and #4 give a good impression of the movie.


  1. Anonymous21/1/07 13:00

    Cracking skull? *grusel*
    Das erinnert mich irgendwie gerade an "Tigers Säbelzahn beißt das Mammut in den Nacken" usw. ;-)

    Habt einen schönen Sonntag!
    *knuddel nach Holland*

  2. Oh jaaa, daran hatte ich noch nicht gedacht *g*
    Irgendwie spinnen manche Szenen immer noch in meinem Kopf herum. Der Film ist mal völlig anders. Gefiel mir gut, aber doch nicht so gut dass ich ihn nochmal anschauen wollte.