Thursday, October 16, 2008


We've got a garage!! We never thought we would be so lucky so soon!
Let me tell you the complete story. I celebrated my birthday last Saturday. The weather was nice and so we decided to make a small walk together to show my family our new house. I'm glad the owners were not at home, because everybody wanted to peek through the window quickly... At the back of the house, there are some garages for rent. We were just telling we're on a waiting list and were hoping one day we could get one, as we saw the following note pinned on one of the garages:

In English: "Who wants this garage? Call me at ..." And so we did. The owner of the garage did not want to subrent the garage, he wanted to take the "official way". And so we did. Several phonecalls and three days later we can say: We've got it! We can probably start moving things from our old-far-away-garage to our new-very-close-garage within two weeks already!

And for the rest: The official date of the key handover is the 4th of December. Everybody who loves to remove old wallpaper and carpet should come over the 6th and/or the 7th!

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  1. Heeej dat is mooi dat het gelukt is