Sunday, October 10, 2010

29 years and 20 weeks ;)

Last Thursday it was my birthday, but I didn't celebrate it that day. I had to work, and in the evening I was singing with my choir. On Saturday our parents and brother and sisters came by and we celebrated my birthday with a delicious lunch. The weather was so good, we could even sit outside in the garden! I can't remember such nice weather on my birthday before.

One of the presents I got, is a CD with baby a cappella music called "Little voices". It's a CD with pure all vocal, classical music for bedtime, sung by the Swingle Singers. After my family had left, I was quite tired and when listening to the CD I fell asleep during the third song, so I think the CD also works for tired mama's-to-be ;)

In the evening we drove to Oss, to attend a Rock4 concert in our favorite theater De Lievekamp. We had front row seats. I loved the show, especially because it was even better than last time. I think ever since Peter and LucN were replaced by Lucas and Harry the group needed some time to grow closer, vocally. I really enjoyed it, and afterwards we had a chat with Luc and Harry for a while. We got home after 1am, which is way after my normal bedtime looking at the past four months. But I had a great birthday!

The coming week we have an appointment with the midwife and we have to go to the hospital to have the 20 weeks ultrasound. We're halfway!

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