Saturday, January 07, 2006

Corine on stage :)

I was on stage last night in the theater! It was soooo much fun!! Ok, I wasn't alone, let me tell you the story from the beginning.
As some of you know, Martin sings in a choir (the Evergreenkoor '80). Some months ago the choir received an email from Pater Moeskroen. Pater Moeskroen is touring through the dutch theaters with a show called "ZEE" (sea). In this show they are sailors, sailing the seas. They use many, many (!) different instruments and sing a variety of songs. With six songs they need the accompaniment of a choir, and in every town they search a local choir to perform with them. They only needed women, because the choir in the show should represent a "fishwife-choir"

Little note in between: Only Martin is singing in this choir, not me. But I'm quite familiair with the people, and doing some work for their website as well, so I was allowed to join in this project :D which I'm very thankfull for.

In the past weeks we had two repetitions, and yesterday night we could also practise with the band shortly. The best thing of the night were our costumes *harhar* *g* Let me show you some pictures.

Us with the six band members

During the show

More pictures can be found at

It was really cool to be backstage, see the band soundchecking from in the wings, etc. etc. A great experience! To be on the stage with them was also great. There were about 270 people (and 30 empty chairs) in the theater, among them Martin and his mother, sister and my parents. Martins mother didn't know we were in the show, so it was a big surprise for her to see the women of the choir including me appearing on stage.
Backstage we had a lot of fun as well, we could hear the sound through a big speaker and watch the show on a 10x10cm black and white tv ;)

Tip for my Dutch friends and relatives:
Deze show is echt ontzettend leuk. Ookal heb ik hem alleen van backstage meegemaakt, de mensen in de zaal waren allemaal erg enthousiast. De verscheidenheid aan instrumenten, waarmee ze elk mogelijk geluid kunnen nabootsen, mooie liedjes, grappige stukjes visserslatijn. Een echte aanrader om heen te gaan in de Nederlandse theaters! Leuk als kadootje, een geweldig avondje uit!! Weer eens heel wat anders, maar echt leeeeeuuuuuk!! Dusss, go and see it!
Ze komen nog in Veldhoven, Gouda, Den Haag, Amersfoort, IJsselstein, Nijverdal. Daar heb ik overal wel kennissen of familie in de buurt wonen dus als die dat allemaal lezen hier... Tourdata op de site van Pater Moeskroen. Misschien ga ik zelf ook nog wel een keer... eerst maar eens even de hele DVD kijken die we gekocht hebben :)

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