Sunday, January 15, 2006

The result

The Ikea closet is ready to be packed! Details: The left closet is the old rickety one from Martins grandmother, the right one is the new Ikea closet. They are standing against the wall between the guestroom and our bedroom. Now we need to reorganise things, fill the closets and put things on the attic (the ladder has been shortened as well!! so we can easily reach our attic now). We are planning to make some more shelves in the old closet as well. And, we are planning to put a shelve above the bed in the guestroom, with a little bedside lamp. Our guestroom will be cosier and tidier as ever before!
The ladder belonged to Martins grandparents. Because they moved into a smaller place, we could have this ladder. In return we invited them over for dinner today. We had a really nice time together. Oma asked opa if they had more ladders to give to us, because they liked the dinner so much :P

edit: I made the drawers and put the shelves in the closet. The other things are Martins work. Sorry, had to mention it, for I don´t want it to look like he build the whole closet by himself *ggg*

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