Monday, January 02, 2006

Technical understanding of a .....

Happy New Year to all of you!!!

I have to declare: I've got the technical understanding of a wooden kitchendoor.

But! I did manage to get my car washed in the carwash ;P well, hey, there's a first time for everything, right? *lol* It's really great, normally we wash our car 'manually' *hehe* but we are so busy this week, and our Ferrari ;) _really_ needed some cleaning. So I entered the carwash, bought a 'ticket' and the machine cleaned my car. It seems so simple. It was, but I just didn't know how it worked and had to ask *g*

I received a great email today, with the golden tipp to protect my guestbook at against automatic spam. Together with Martin I managed to change the PHP code in such a way it will probably be impossible for automatic spammers to spam my GB.
Here it counts: I have the technical understanding of a wooden kitchendoor. I really know almost nothing about PHP. Nevertheless, I _do_ manage to make my website in HTML, with CSS ;D I do it all by myself.
But I can't figure out exactly how our videorecorder works... so Martin missed the final part of our favorite tv-series.. because I didn't record it, when I thought I did.
Martin wants to buy a harddisk recorder this year, maybe that's easier? ;)
He also had to explain to me how the new electric heater works in our computerroom. That thing only got 1 button, and I still can't figure it out. Poor me... Today I couldn't even start a DVD at work, that tv is really too old. And the kiddies were so wanting to see "Dribbel". But, my collegue pressed 1 button (why didn't _I_ find that button??) and then it worked.

My goals for 2006, concerning technical understanding:

  • Make my website from using frames to being frameless

  • Get a little understanding of PHP, and other...

  • Delegate other technical things to Martin ;)

  • This post is really silly ;) sorry for that.


    1. Anonymous3/1/06 17:48

      Hi Corine.

      Sorry, but Martina (Steini) and I had a big laugh about your post.
      I mean, normally I would say, that a thing with only one button cannot be so hard to be understood... Just try every button you can find and see what happens.
      But I understand that you do not understand your video recorder. These things are always full of riddles. And they have their own will! I am sure of that. :)

      I am so happy to see you in the JoKi in 26 days! It will be so great. Do you still need a place to sleep?

      Greetings from Martina and me

    2. haha, good to hear you2 had a big laugh ;) *g*
      Sometimes I'm wondering why I _can_ manage a website, but _can't_ handle the videorecorder hahahahahahahahaha.

      I still need a place to sleep yeah, I'll write you an email about it this week! *promiss*