Sunday, January 22, 2006


We're still tidying up. Martin has been very busy the past few days. It's going to be so pretty and tidy when this all is finished! Right now Martin is building cd-shelves upstairs (pictures are coming soon!!). In the mean time I'm trying to learn some PHP principles. I want to renew my website, get a new design, and I want to use PHP as well. I want to get rid of my terrible frameset, that's for sure. I've tried to write some simple scripts this afternoon, by using an online tutorial, and I was amazed of what I could make. That was chapter one of the tutorial.
Chapter two says: "Thus far, the scripts we've discussed have been pretty dumb." OK... thanks a lot. But, I'm not giving up yet. Right now I'm struggling through chapter two, but I still don't understand much of it... :/
I think I'm going to help Martin upstairs... maybe he can help me out with chapter two later on today... ;)


  1. Anonymous22/1/06 16:48

    PHP? *k.A.hab*
    Hm, something about computers and internet? Sounds like another "technical understanding" thing... ;)

    But you'll manage it! *anfeuer*
    And don't let a stupid tutorial discourage you!

    *knuddel* lena

  2. < ? php
    $a = 'I';
    $b = 'will';
    $c = 'learn';
    $d = 'it';

    $question = $b.' '.$a.' '.$c.' '.$d.'?'.';
    print $question;

    $anwser = $a.' '.$b.' '.$c.' '.$d.'!';
    print $anwser;
    ? >

    That would make:

    will I learn it?
    I will learn it!

  3. Anonymous22/1/06 19:43


    Das sieht aus wie... Mathematik oder sowas *grusel*
    ...und kompliziert!

    Aber so ähnlich habe ich letztes Wochenende wohl auch erst geschaut, als ich in meinem Seminar plötzlich einen Text in xml formatieren sollte. Wenn man sich mal eine Weile damit beschäftigt hat, geht das dann schon, gell ;)