Saturday, March 17, 2007

Include exploit....

Oh no.... why now? :( Our domain is blocked... There's an "include exploit" in my subdomain and now all our sites on are offline. Don't ask me what an "include exploit" exactly is ;) Martin explained it to me, and it's some security issue and it needed to be fixed. That's all I know.
But, Martin is a smart man, he fixed it already. Now, all we need to do is wait for our host to remove the blockade again... Please cross your fingers for me, the timing is absolutely terrible. I already received a worried email from a Wise Guys Forum user. People are checking my website because they're waiting for my concert report! Which, by the way, is not ready yet, but that's the first thing on my todo-list tomorrow :)


  1. Anonymous17/3/07 00:25

    This is the only one of your writing that I can read. You should try writing more in english.
    And make them not-so-booooorrring!

  2. Cool, an english reader :D If you only left your name, I might listen to what you're saying.

  3. Anonymous17/3/07 17:18

    oh that terrible that this has happend to your online sites.
    I could think of only one thing that could have start a ploblam like that. But it's ok that you dont know that :) you have a husband to fix such things :D.

    I'm looking forward to read your report :).

    hug :D

    PS: Yesterday I understand some numbers all on myself in Vaals :). I really ned to lern how to say 'good bye' in Dutch because 'thank you' is nice to say but buy would be great :D.