Saturday, June 21, 2008


This weekend Martin is gliding! He is joining the gliding club for two days, it was my gift for his 30th birthday in April. I was allowed to join them this morning (or all day, if I'd wanted) and I even got the change to go gliding myself as well! Wow, what a beautiful experience! We got up to about 450 meters and had a beautiful view over the country. Really great!

Unfortunately my body doesn't like flying much, and although I loved the view and the very, very steep start, I was also happy to be back on the ground again. Martin will make a few more flights this weekend (if the weather stays good) with a flight instructor. I had seen enough and went home again, but when I look out of our window, I might see the planes in the air :)

By the way: it's pretty cool to be driving in your car on the airport!

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