Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My mind can't stop

I feel a bit mixed up. After the Wise Guys concert on Saturday I feel 200% recharged, my energy level is very high! I went to bed too late on Sunday, on Monday and on Tuesday. This morning I woke up at 6am after only 5 hours of sleep and I couldn't sleep anymore after waking up. I worked on Monday, Tuesday and today, and time flew, but when I got home I was really tired. After dinner, work starts again, there are many things to be done in the evenings now. Every evening at about 10pm my tiredness disappears and I continue answering mails, editing websites, printing checklists and other stuff, etc. (it just doesn't stop), but I should go to sleep!
I'll be exhausted on Saturday if I go on like this.
Luckily I'm free tomorrow and on Friday. I'll try to sleep a little longer tomorrow, but I'm afraid I'll just wake up early... and when I wake up, my mind starts and it can't stop. Is it adrenaline?
I'm thrilled!! :D I want the festival to start, I want to know if the sun will be shining, I want to know if all the technical stuff is okay, I want to see people smile and hear them sing!
But: I'm really looking forward to Sunday as well! And I'll be free on Monday and Tuesday - I can't wait!

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