Sunday, January 22, 2006

New pictures, or: Martins creations

Sorry for those who don't know our home and don't know what it looked like, I didn't make pictures from "before". Here are some pictures the way it looks like now, I promised my mom to put them online today, so here they are.

First of all, the closets in the guest room look like this now. The dark brown doors of the old closet have been plastered with nice fake wood-plastic and together with the new closet it looks a lot prettier. (a picture with the dark brown doors can be found here)

Next, Martin has built himself a little bedside table, because he's always been using some old boxes as a bedside table (among them an antique Word Perfect box) ;)

By the way, you can enlarge all the pictures by clicking on them. I'm only putting the small versions here, because there are quite a few pictures.

In the computer room, Martin has built cd shelves, next to our bookcase. First, all these cd's were on the shelves in the bookcase, which left less space for books. Now, we can put all our books in the bookcase. You can reach the light button through the cd shelves now :)

There are two more things to do now. First, we are going to put a nice shelve above the bed in the guestroom, and second we have to reorganise and put everything in the right place...... It will still take some more days....see for yourself:

Well mom, what do you think?


  1. Anonymous8/2/06 08:41

    Messy wa~~ haha~
    I still remember how we teared off the wallpaper~~ leuk wa? :p


  2. messy indeed, but slowly it is getting better and it will be tidy soon :)

    ja, tearing off the wallpaper was fun. so long ago aaa~~

    how are you, gek aapje? pls write me an email ok?