Friday, August 01, 2008

A definite "no"

Why was the "cheap" house so cheap? Because they are now selling the house and the garage separately. Which is bad for us, because we want them both. This information was not yet changed on funda (funda is the main website in the Netherlands with an overview of almost all houses for sale). We've learned from it and from now on we will also check the estate agents' website as well before visiting the house.
Apart from that, the house needs so much work. Not only the kitchen and bathroom need a complete make over, all the window frames need to be renewed and so on, and so on. Definitely, we don't want this house!

We'll continue searching on funda now. And I don't know how many kilometers we've been cycling through the city in the past week, just to watch houses for sale from the outside and to get to know the neighbourhood. I'm glad it's summer ;)

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