Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time to think

This weekend we stayed at "our" campsite in the north of the Netherlands. Time to think things over concerning the house we are interested in. And we had time to relax. We enjoyed the sun and we enjoyed the Shakespeare open air play in the rain. Dutch weather proved again to be very changeable! But we had a great time! Martin and I also celebrated "our 11th birthday", which was special, because it all really started at this campsite.

Our camp in one of the corners of the campsite, with five tents, belonging to my parents, my brother and his wife and son, my sister with her boyfriend, our friend Remco, Martin and I

Now, we are back home and we contacted our financial adviser about our mortgage, another objective adviser about building a garage, the estate agent of the house to show our interest and we are probably going to look for an estate agent later this week who can negotiate about the price for us. We have also done some research on the internet and we still have a list of things we need to know before we can really make a decision. So we're pretty busy right now :) If all works out well, we might buy a house soon......

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