Thursday, August 07, 2008


Today we might have found our new house! We like the place a lot and we have a really good feeling about it. Now, all we have to do, is to figure out some financial things, to see if our plans can succeed. For instance: what are the costs of building a garage?? Anybody any ideas? Then in this case we could build one next to the house, just like the neighbors on the other corner already did. Most of you know: we really need the garage...
I'm curious if we feel just as positive after the weekend as we are feeling now. If the answer is "yes" then this house could be the one! But first, we have to pack our bags for another weekend camping with my family and (for me) the 14th visit of the Shakespeare theater. This year, they're playing MacBeth. Probably the weather will not be as good as last year, but I'm sure it'll be just as much fun! The only bad thing about it is: After this weekend, holidays are really over until Christmas.

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  1. Anonymous7/8/08 22:21

    Du sagst Bescheid, wenn ich mit dem Daumendrücken aufhören kann? ;-)
    Viel Glück!
    Alles Liebe und auf ein erholsames Wochenende!
    Obwohl .. Ich bin ja schon ein bisschen gespannt auf ein aufregendes A-Cappella-Workshop-Wochenende. :)